Sunday, January 24, 2010

A story worth telling

I've been wanting to write this portion of my bike trip down:

Several days into the trip as we entered the campground of Big Sur Pfeiffer I noticed a girl. A cute girl, who was biking down the coast solo. I was very impressed by this and was very keen to get to know her. So to that end I strolled over to her camp intending to invite her to eat with us that night. Instead I tripped over the rock holding down a portion of her tent collapsing the awning and generally making a ruckus to which she stated "Do you need something?" in a sharp, tent-having-been-ravaged tone. Abashed I quickly replied "ah... sorry. just heading out for a hike" before I even had a chance to think. At that point I figured I was obligated to hike, so I headed out into the woods and found a nice log to sit on. After sitting for what seemed like an appropriate amount of time I started back, ate dinner, had a good time chatting, and went to bed (ground?).

The next morning I tried to stall our departure in the hopes of getting a second chance, but to no avail. We took off and I was of the mind "well that's that, oh well". It was a short day of only 40 or 50 miles with only 1 store along the way and no other food stops for at least another 20 miles into the next day. We had nothing left to eat at this point so we picked up a pack of frozen hot dogs at said store and defrosted the dogs by taping the package to Hanson's bike, worked great.

We pulled into camp early at the scenic Kirk's Campground, a beautiful spot that sits atop huge cliffs peering out over a small stretch of beach out into the ocean. Taking advantage of the sunlight I went for a swim. When I came back 2 things happened: 1. When I arrived Charles (a friend met on the road) told me, as the group of cyclists we'd been traveling with for the past few days sat around a table, that "we think you're wearing bike underwear"; this was true (I think I set some kind of record for biking in underwear, see previous post) and 2. Leah (the girl) arrived and joined us at the table!!!! I was ecstatic. We got to talking and it was great.

That night we were chatting again, laying side by side with our heads towards the campfire making up constellations. Laying side by side eventually became cuddling, and eventually we did kiss. It was around this time that a group of at least 4 and possibly more raccoons found there way to our precious hot dogs. It was only a matter of time until they broke through the packaging and demolished our only food source. Leah had already mentioned turning in because of the cold and I knew (or at least in my inebriated state I thought I knew) that if I got up to stop them she'd probably go to bed, and I didn't want that moment to end. So I let the raccoons have our breakfast. I let them have it and I did so with glee.

The next morning, upon the "discovery" I acted all surprised. Very dishonest, I know.
I did tell Hanson the truth eventually...

I may finish writing this story later sometime. We started dating, flew across the country alot, and ultimately broke up a month or two ago.

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