Friday, January 15, 2010

So, at the prodding of Tana I'm going to start keeping track of my daily adventures. She made a really good argument, although I can't remember the specifics right now. But trust me, it was compelling.

Today was tragically beautiful. It's days like this that make me work all the harder, building my business so that someday I can exit this rat race and live; experience everything each day has to offer.

Anyway, I started the day off by meeting with a marketing consultant, or attempting to anyway. The meeting got cut short and rescheduled to next week. Oh! But while driving home I got briefly lost and found an abandoned oil refinery in Long Beach!!!!!!! I'm so excited! I texted the location to my blog (see last post). I plan on exploring it tomorrow night.
But that's the boring part of my day. The much more entertaining section started around 11, when Chika and I went climbing. She's a pretty good climber for a first timer. Totally handled the 5.7. Along the way we met another climber named Oliver and invited him to join us. It was great fun. We roped up 3 easy climbs until Chika tired out and another 2 harder ones for ourselves after that. I felt really good about the whole thing; I'm becoming a more confident lead climber. Let's see, well after that we parted ways with Oliver and headed back to the car, but not before getting his number (Oliver and I are heading out again on Saturday).

More happened today, I went to the gym. But I'm so bored of this haha. Not even I want to know the boring details of my life :).

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